August 30, 2015


usevirginiaWelcome to, the interactive website of Hampton Roads Physician, a comprehensive publication for and about the medical community practicing in the geographic area known as Hampton Roads, in the southeastern region of Virginia.

Launched in Winter 2013, Hampton Roads Physician is designed to recognize the achievements of the local medical community and to present them with professionalism and editorial integrity – and to provide current, accurate and useful information these busy professionals want and need.

We encourage you to explore our website, and invite you to help us honor the extraordinary men and women who provide care to our community by nominating them for inclusion in future issues.

Current Editorial

RiversideLOgoRiverside Urology Specialists:

Nearly nine decades ago, in roughly 1929 – so long ago that no one remembers the exact date for sure… read more

(L-R) Craig Ruetzel, MD, Melissa Waddell, WHNP, Kaitlin Cafferky, WHNP, Timothy Hardy, MD

Treating patients like family: Atlantic OB-GYN
Delivers advanced care in a warm setting
By: Alison Johnson

From routine pelvic exams to advanced robotic-assisted hysterectomies and fibroid removals, the team at Atlantic OB-GYN keeps two words in more

CMSBannerSummer2015CMS and AMA Announce Efforts to Help Providers Get Ready For ICD-10

With less than three months remaining until the nation switches from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding for medical diagnoses and inpatient hospital procedures)… read more

RegenAuthorJuly2015What is Regenerative   Medicine?
By: Raj N. Sureja, MD (L) and Mark W. McFarland, DO (R)

Far too often, we see patients with conditions for which we have limited treatment options, in both scope and efficacy. Once in a more

WagnerHospital Medicine and Retina Vascular Disease
By Alan L. Wagner, MD

You may wonder, what do Hampton Roads Physician’s article on hospital medicine and my specialty of retina vascular disease research… read more


BritannySummer2015Women’s Health: Incontinence and Physical Therapy
By Brittany Deuso, PT, DPT

Even if patients are hesitant to talk about it, the statistics tell the story Incontinence – leakages related to either the bladder or the bowel… read more



Discussing  Difficult Truths*By Laura Dickson Rixey
Part Two of a Two-Part Article on Adverse Event Disclosure
By Douglas E. Penner, Esquire

In the article that appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Hampton Roads Physician, we discussed the importance of disclosure.  Here we address… read more


Non-surgical interventions for pain relief
By Richard D. Guinand, DO

When many people hear the words ‘disc’ or ‘disc herniation’, they immediately think they’re destined for surgery and a painful recovery.  That might… read more



Inpatient Medicine: 
The role of the hospitalist continues to expand – and so do the challenges
By Bobbie Fisher

In the August 15, 1996 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, Robert M. Wachter, MD and Lee Goldman, MD wrote an article… read more