July 2, 2016


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Current Editorial



SUrgeryAcute Care Surgery at EVMS…
… providing 24/7, 365 emergency surgical and critical care

Acute Care Surgery is an evolving specialty that arose following a 2005 survey conducted by the American College of Surgeons.  The survey demonstrated that trauma… read more



WagnerIf it’s good enough for Astronauts, it must be good enough for all of us!By By Alan L. Wagner, MD, FACS

Being able to determine how someone’s health is when that someone is far away requires knowing what to measure… read more

MichaelIngrahamMDNeuromodulation Provides Relief  for Patients with Chronic Back Pain
…adapted from the technology behind pacemakers, spinal cord stimulation is reducing and even eliminating pain.
By Michael Ingraham, MD, Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center

In pain medicine, the most common complaint we hear in an average day – and we hear it every day – is back pain… read more

BonnieMental Health  Services in Virginia
Where are We Now? 
By Bonnie P. Lane, Attorney at Law Goodman Allen Donnelly PLLC

The sufficiency of Virginia’s behavioral health laws has been thrust into the spotlight due to two tragic events..read more

RobinsonMindfulness  as a Treatment for Chronic Pain
By F. Cal Robinson, PsyD

 The rigors of contemporary life have left scores of people unwell in mind and body.  For many, modern medical and..read more

GlacePhysical Therapy for Overactive Bladder…
…a vital tool for urologists and their patients

More and more urologists are referring their patients with bladder symptoms to physical therapists, with excellent results… read more

MRDPictIncreasing Patient  Engagement in Your Practice

Many patients want to be involved in managing their health care. Empowering patients to schedule their own appointments and..read more


GraffStrategies to Maintain  a Small, Independent Practice
Are they real? And do they work?
By Christopher L. Graff, JD, CPA

Smaller independent practices, consisting of only a few physicians, are increasingly rare.  In today’s healthcare environment..read more

SchwartzCont_2015Companion  Diagnostics and  Colorectal Cancer 
By Michael Schwartz, MD

The goal of personalizing cancer treatments by targeting molecular alterations in tumors has seen rapid advances in..read more

LoriSprottActive  Aging
By Lori Sprott, ACE-CPT

It’s no secret that exercise is important for maintaining health and wellness, regardless of age.The National Institute on Aging..read more

ConklingA new age in oncology care…
…antibodies are allowing the immune system to destroy cancer cells.
By Paul Conkling, MD

On March 6th, President Jimmy Carter stood before one of the Sunday school classes he teaches in Plains, Georgia, and shared a remarkable..read more

CharlesWilliamsWhy conventional laparoscopic surgery  is becoming obsolete…
…and why it should
By Charles P Williams, MD, FACS, Bon Secours Surgical Specialists

When laparoscopic surgery was introduced more than 25 years ago, it was heralded as a major advancement in the field of patient care..read more

NursetechMedical Update: Bringing the Specialist to the Bedside: A TELEMEDICINE UPDATE
…what many patients still don’t know
By Bobbie Fisher

Many people consider telemedicine to be a relatively new concept, whereas it might be argued that the practice actually began the first time a physician returned..read more