August 24, 2019



usevirginiaWelcome to, the interactive website of Hampton Roads Physician, a comprehensive publication for and about the medical community practicing in the geographic area known as Hampton Roads, in the southeastern region of Virginia.

Launched in Winter 2013, Hampton Roads Physician is designed to recognize the achievements of the local medical community and to present them with professionalism and editorial integrity – and to provide current, accurate and useful information these busy professionals want and need.

We encourage you to explore our website, and invite you to help us honor the extraordinary men and women who provide care to our community by nominating them for inclusion in future issues.

Current Editorial


ORTHOPAEDIC & SPINE CENTER: Three Decades of Excellence, and Counting
For nearly 30 years, Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC) has seen non-stop growth…read more

Medical Update:
New Treatments and Challenges of Acute Stroke Care
Advancements in stroke care are moving fast, leading to better outcomes for patients and new challenges for healthcare providers… read more

Medicine Then and Now: How Pediatricians Face the Challenges of Caring for Today’s Kids
By Kasey Fuqua
Over the last 40 years, pediatrics has been shaped by rapid changes in the world… read more

Stroke Centers & Certification
By William Charters

As medical care becomes more specialized, it is more and more difficult to determine which facilities and providers can offer the kind of care… read more

Another Advance in Immunotherapy- CAR T-cell Therapy
By Daniel Aruch, MD, Virginia Oncology Associates

It’s an exciting time for oncologists, as numerous advances in immunotherapy are allowing us to offer more treatment options and greater hope to our patients… read more

Relieving the Pain of Cervical Disc Disease
By Bryan A. Fox, MD

Patients with one of the most common types of spinal damage, cervical disc disease… read more

The Untapped Power of Pelvic Physical Therapy

The potential role of pelvic physical therapy in alleviating pelvic floor dysfunction and pain is, unfortunately, commonly overlooked… read more

Brain Aneurysms – Silent but Often Fatal
By Apostolos “Paul” Hiotellis, MD

Hypertension, diabetes and back pain are typical conditions for which patients see their primary care physician… read more

Just Set It, And Forget It?
By Alan L Wagner, MD, FACS, FICS

Our existence, and survival, is an amazing balancing act of homeostasis. Most of the time, our hormonal… read more

The “Personal Guarantee” in Business: 5 Tips to Avoid Putting Your Personal Assets at Risk
By Erica Pero

Have you ever been asked to sign a personal guarantee for something business-related? Lenders and Landlords (a.k.a. “creditors”) frequently require business owners (“debtors”) to sign a personal guarantee before lending money or leasing commercial property … read more

Beyond Burnout, What’s Coming?
By Raouf (Ron) Gharbo, DO

Paradoxically, healthcare burnout has become rampant in healthcare experts.   Currently, the burnout literature is full of terms like compassion fatigue… read more

Protecting Customer and Employee Information
By Ryan Cochran, SVP & Chief Information Security Officer, TowneBank

With identity theft on the rise, most of us – and our customers – are incredibly aware of protecting our personal information:… read more