November 20, 2017


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Current Editorial

Expert Care: Riverside Specialty Practice Gives Local Women Access to a Fellowship-trained Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Women who opt for breast reconstruction after battling cancer can turn with confidence to Riverside Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialists in Newport News, now home to …read more

New Thinking About the Treatment of Obesity
…recognizing obesity as a multifaceted, chronic disease benefits patients who suffer from it

In August of 2016, the venerable Oxford Dictionary introduced its annual list of words being added to its modern language edition.  One of these words…. read more

Effectively Treat Chronic Pain by Treating Obesity
By Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD

Obesity is an epidemic in America.  As physicians, no matter if we are PCPs or specialists, we see a steady stream of obese patients… read more

Advances in Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO’s)
By Matt Zydron, CPO

Ankle Foot Orthosis, also called AFO’s, have been around for decades. These braces work to restore function to the lower extremity. This helps…. read more

How to Combat the Obesity “Spiral Effect”
By Michael Satterley PT, DPT, SCS, CIMT, CMTPT, CSCS

Everywhere we turn, it seems, we see new revelations about our increasing obesity levels and the serious health challenges they present… read more


Obesity & Arthritis
By Geoffrey  A. Wright, MD

Statistics say one in three obese people have arthritis, and that number may even be higher. Obesity increases the risk… read more


William Charters

Jeffrey Kiser

Laws to Guide Care Disputes under Advance Medical Directives

Advance Medical Directives provide the most definitive information – other than direct patient conversation, of course… read more

The Eyes Really Are Windows to Your Health How Obesity Impacts Our Retina
By Kapil G. Kapoor, MD

As we become increasingly aware of the obesity epidemic, as highlighted by this month’s Medical Update… read more

Buried Penis: The Hidden Burden of Obesity
By Mélanie Aubé-Peterkin, MD and Ramón Virasoro, MD

Buried penis, a physically and psychologically challenging condition, may affect men of any age… read more