May 21, 2018



usevirginiaWelcome to, the interactive website of Hampton Roads Physician, a comprehensive publication for and about the medical community practicing in the geographic area known as Hampton Roads, in the southeastern region of Virginia.

Launched in Winter 2013, Hampton Roads Physician is designed to recognize the achievements of the local medical community and to present them with professionalism and editorial integrity – and to provide current, accurate and useful information these busy professionals want and need.

We encourage you to explore our website, and invite you to help us honor the extraordinary men and women who provide care to our community by nominating them for inclusion in future issues.

Current Editorial


An Innovative Riverside Protocol is Extending the Window of Time to Successfully Treat Stroke Patients
It’s one of the undisputed tenets of stroke medicine: the sooner the patient is diagnosed and appropriate treatment rendered, the greater the chance …read more


Trust your Patients to the Care of Peninsula Kidney Associates
Peninsula Kidney Associates has been serving patients with chronic kidney disease, electrolyte imbalances and hypertension since 2003… read more

Medical Update: How Data Is Improving Community Health
By Kasey Fuqua

Health data can do more than demonstrate quality indicators or track reimbursement rates; it can provide a road map to improving community health… read more

Medical Update: New Therapies Target Inflammatory Bowel Disease
By Kasey Fuqua

As the number of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) grows, so does the number of effective, targeted treatment options… read more

A Review of Opioid Prescription and Treatment Changes in 2017
By Bonnie P. Lane

With the declaration of a growing opioid crisis in Virginia, last year the Virginia Board of Medicine adopted regulations attempting to counteract the issue throughout the Commonwealth… read more

Do your patients present with Low Back Pain?
By Thomas Stites PT, DMT, FAAOMPT

At any given time, 25-30% of people in the United States report having low back pain in the past three months… read more


The Continuing Evolution of Pain Control Techniques in Knee and Hip Replacements
By Adrian T. Baddar, MD, F.A.A.O.S.

Only a few years ago, the night after a total knee replacement was often fairly miserable. Patients had to rely on frequent doses… read more


Genetic Treatment for vision loss coming of age
By Kapil G. Kapoor, MD, FACS
Wagner Macula & Retina Center

Remember a few decades ago when there was all this noise about the Human Genome Project? You know – that whole bit where we would determine… read more

The Role of ERAS Protocols in the Current Opioid Crisis
By: Lisa A. Coleman, DO, FACS, FASCRS

As the opioid crisis continues to worsen, medical practitioners are searching for ways to combat the spread and devastating effects. A surgical protocol… read more

Today’s Outpatient Spine Surgery: Micro-Discectomies to Multi-Level Lumbar Fusions
By Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD

Most physicians understand the outpatient revolution in some areas of orthopaedic surgery, especially in Sports Medicine.  However, many still believe… read more

A Possible Shift Back to Private Practice?
By Christopher L. Graff, JD, CPA, CPBCA

A little over a decade ago, hospitals and other major healthcare players employed private practice physicians with the likely intention of capturing a greater market share… read more