May 22, 2018

Spotlight Archieves

Below is a list of our past Spotlight Physicians.

Winter 2018 Issue:
Lisa A. Coleman DO, FACS, FASCRS
Eric C. Feliberti, MD
Ray T. Ramirez, MD, FACS, FASCRS


Fall 2017 Issue:
Claude A. Hawkins, MD
William P. Magee, Jr, MD
Lambros K. Viennas, MD


Summer 2017 Issue:
J. Abbott Byrd, III, MD, FAAOS
Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD
Mark Bradley Kerner, MD
Dean B. Kostov, MD
Antonio Quidgley-Nevares, MD
H. Sheldon St. Clair, MD

Spring 2017 Issue:
Denise Renee Chamblee, MD
Eric Crouch, MD
Alan L. Wagner, MD


Winter 2017 Issue:
John E. Brush, JR., MD
William A. Delacey, MD
Deepak R. Talreja, MD


Fall 2016 Issue:
C. Delp Givens, Jr., MD
Melhem A. Imad, MD
Paul E. Marik, MD


coversummer2016Summer 2016 Issue:
William L. Coker, Jr, MD, Leslie R. Coker, MD
Brian L. Johnson, MD
Abby S. Van Voorhees, MD


CoverSpring2016Spring 2016 Issue:
Anthony J. Caterine, MD
Gary L. Munn, MD
Maria R. Urbano, MD


Winter16CoverWinter 2016 Issue:
Patrick Harding, MD
Soham Sheth, MD, MPH
Robert D. Vorona, MD


CoverHRPFall_2015Fall 2015 Issue:
Romney Andersen, MD
Jeffrey R.  Carlson, MD
Anthony T.  Carter, MD
Daniel W.  Karakla, MD
Bradley R. Prestidge, MD
Lynne A. Skaryak, MD

Cover07_15SummerHRPSummer 2015 Issue:
Scott V. Burgess, MD
Jennifer Miles-Tomas, MD
Edwin Robey, MD


CoverSpring_2015Spring 2015 Issue:
Christos A. Gabriel, MD
Roger W. Lidman, MD
David B. Maxwell, MD


Winter 2015 Issue:
Richard A. Hoefer, JR., DO, FACS
Beth R. Jaklic, MD
Mark S. Sinesi, MD, PhD


Fall_2014CoverFall 2014 Issue:
Robert M. Palmer, MD, MPH
Teresa L. McConaughy, MD and Paul E. Evans, III, MD
Marissa Galicia-Castillo, MD


Summer2014CoverSummer 2014 Issue:
Francis L. Counselman, MD
Cheryl L. Lawson, MD
Leonard J. Weireter, MD


CoverSpring2014Spring 2014 Issue:
Alfred Z. Abuhamad, MD
J. Craig Merrell, MD, FACS
Robert C. Squatrito, MD


02_14CoverWinter 2014 Issue:
Joseph A. Aloi, MD
David C. Lieb, MD
Jerry L. Nadler, MD


coverFall of 2013 Issue:
Glen L. Moore, MD
Anthony D. Terracina, MD
Dominique R. Williams, MD, MPH, FAAP


smspringcoverSummer 2013:
Lisa B. Barr, MD
Kevin F. Bonner, MD
Mark W. McFarland, DO


04_13CoverSpring 2013:
AnnMarie DeFiglio, MD
Thomas Manser, MD
Julius Miller, MD


premierWinter 2012 Premier:
H. Lee Kanter, MD
Leslie Ann Webb, MD
Ian Woollett, MD